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“The best way to eat the elephant standing in your path is to cut it up into little pieces.” – African Proverb

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Like there’s just too darned much stuff to take care of….and that when you DO catch up with one darned thing, two more darned things come out of left field to take its place?

Then you chase them only to realize there are three more chasing you!

Sweet Mary, Mother of God, how many darned things are there in life???

On second thought, I don’t want to know.

I feel compelled to stop myself mid-gripe and say that I’m very thankful that my darned things are that….just darned things. I’ve seen damned things and I want no part of them. If I wore a hat, I’d take my hat off to those who handle the damned things . Admiring your grit.

Now, back to the darned things: Ever notice how they travel in packs? Truly. I’ve never encountered a darned thing that didn’t come with friends. That’s what makes them so maddening – if they came one at a time, and had the good decency to space themselves out, I think fewer feathers would be ruffled.

But, alas, we can’t go changing life to suit us. The only thing we can change is us…or, at the very least, our approach.

Sometimes I’m guilty of looking at the big arss elephant in the road ahead of me – then staring at it so long that I freeze in my tracks. It renders me useless until I shake myself out of my stupor and get moving.

Althogh I’ve gotten better, I recently found myself standing staring at a big gray backside again.

I have over 10 blogs – and twice as many websites. I had gotten them all finished and fixed and in working order, and even came out of the RSS battle without too many scars. I’ve literally put years into their care and take alot of pride in each one.

Then a fox appears on the browser horizon. I ignored it for a while, thinking he’d go away, but he just kept coming closer. Cute little cuss, but he has caused me endless problems. The fox in question is the Firefox browser….its users can’t see the same things we see in ie – nor can we see things as they see them. So, on one of our computers I invited the fox into our home – to see just how screwed up some of my sites/blogs would be. What I saw was a quite a few blogs and sites that needed major work in order to be compatble in both browsers. A few will have to be stripped down and simply redone. I wasn’t sure if screaming or crying would be more appropriate for the situation, so I just laughed.

Some of the blogs I had the most pride in look the most hideous. One of my fun blogs, Hollywood Yesterday looks amazing in ie – but you should see what the fox does with it!!!

My youngest daughter, Steph, has a site dedicated to Constantine, in ie, it’s a site to behold. Gorgeous…complete with snow falling down, etc. Well, the fox froze the snow at the top and made everything look screwy. I got busy on one of the computers, trying to make a few blogs browser-friendly. I heard her behind me at another computer and I thought, “Poor kid, she’s trying to re-do her gorgeous website….and she was so proud of it…” Then I look around to see how it’s going. She was making a button for the Constantine Maroulis site. It said, “Too sexy for firefox.” She asked if I wanted one for Hollywood Yesterday. I told her to make one and keep it handy. You never know.

Anyway, like the African Proverb above says, I have to take it all one bite at a time. This blog and my cooking blog were on the first fork. Hollywood Yesterday and the rest? I’ll fork them all in good time. Well, that or button them up.

Make each moment count double (one bite at a time),

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