Little or Big: Size Does Matter


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He he….couldn’t resist the title.

One of my favorite hobbies is reading. One of my favorite things to collect is old books. Last night, as I so often do – I was combining the two passions by reading a book from our oldie goldie collection. Within the reading was a passage I found particularly interesting (and inspiring). Thought you might too. I’m typing it in just as it appeared in the book without any editing – just remember that it’s from an old book, and there are a few places where that will have to be remembered (for example, when he uses the masculine noun only – most definitely it should read man or woman….)

Some men devote all their lives to little things and wonder why they never achieve anything worth while. It is as tho a man should content himself with conducting a peanut-stand when all the while he might be a great lawyer. Self-imposed limitation, a wrong idea of values, or a narrow and perverted view of life, holds many a man in bondage who might be scaling the heights. It is said that there are still business men who use the backs of old envelopes for scribbling paper while writing pads may be bought for twenty-five cents a dozen. A mind that is constantly absorbed in little things, that adjusts its eye to see out of the small end of the telescope, has no place for the large and glorious possibilities of life.

I love the part about a person writing on backs of old envelopes instead of buying writing-pads….you see it nearly every day.

Our lives tend to follow a path and the map for this path is drawn by our thoughts. We can make the path as large or as small as we want it to be. I wonder if we sometimes make the path smaller than it could be because we’re afraid of failure. Maybe we aren’t sure of what we can handle.

I guess the only real way to get past that is to make the path as broad and far-reaching as possible and see where it takes us. If we believe in ourselves and work as hard as we possibly can, I think we ‘ll all be up to the challenge – and we just might amaze ourselves!

Make each moment in 2006 count double,

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