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I just spent a week so far “under the weather” that I forgot what it felt like to feel good. Now that I’m well again, I’m not sure what to do with myself!

One thing I know I want to do, however, is to post this message. When I was sick, I kept thinking about people who are critically ill. I mean, I had the flu – and that is so nothing compared to men and women who face this sort of feeling everyday. For most of us, a sickness is a bad break in our life – for others, the sickness is their life. The only one they know right now. That absolutely breaks my heart wide open.

You know how, when you’re sick, you lie in a heap on the couch – just watching life go on around you? Imagine doing that day after day….week after week….month after month…. My mind literally cannot even go there. As bad as I felt, I knew that each day would get better and inside of a week I’d be myself again. There are so many who don’t even have that comfort.

If there’s anyone you recognize from the words above, I hope you’ll give them extra care and attention. Whether they’re battling cancer, diabetes, old age, asthma, heart disease, etc.

Maybe just….

  • Call them up just to say you were thinking about them.
  • Send them a card that’s as bright and happy as you want their day to be. Everyone loves getting mail!
  • Take them a gift basket. My husband brought me one yesterday from Harvest Bread with delicious breads, cookies (the best sugar cookies I’ve ever tasted!), jam, awesome tea, chocolate chip cookies and a yummy spread in a big, beautiful basket. Not only will it light their world up at that moment, it will everytime they look at it. I smile every time I look at my basket.
  • Ask them, “How do you feel today?”, even if it seems like a ridiculous question, ask it anyway.
  • Tell them you’re going to the store and want to know what they can bring you. Don’t ask if they want anything, they’ll probably say, “No, thanks.”….. trick them into it. Tell them they’re getting something, it can either be something they want or something you want them to have!

Always remember, no one knows we care until we show them.

Make each moment (spent for someone else) count double,

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  • “no one knows we care until we show them” – yes, I suffered from this in the past because I forgot to show(I still sometimes do)..thanks for the post!

  • We’ve all been there, I’m afraid. Thanks for the encouragement! – Joi

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