Let it Byrne(s)!


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I came across an old article online about Eric Byrnes today. He’s currently a Baltimore Oriole, but he’s best known as an Oakland A.

I remember the first time I saw him play. Something was different about him – he breathed life into the manifesto “give it all you have” and resurrected the cliche “leave nothing on the field”.

When he’s in the game, he makes the other players seem as though they’re standing still. When he’s at bat, he wants first base more than the pitcher wants him not to have it. When he’s in the field, he wants the ball, irregardless of where it’s hit. Sometimes you get the impression he’d take it right from a teammate just to get his hands on it.

Of course, he doesnt’ always make it to first and he doesn’t always get the ball he so craves – but it never slows him down or backs him off of his purpose. If I were a manager, I’d want a team of Eric Bynreses – even though the thought, alone, is exhausting! Nevertheless, I’d canvas all the minors until I found one for every position. You’ve heard the saying, “He gave it all he had.”? I’d have a team of guys who’d give more than they had to give.

I could never quite put my finger on what it is that makes Byrnes so different – until I read that article. One of the men in the “upper office” of the A’s was talking about Byrnes. He said, “He plays like his hair’s on fire.”

Yep. That’s it.

I believe we – you and I – could make a case for living life the same way.

Make each moment count double,
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