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Maybe it’s that I am a goal-oriented person. Maybe it’s that I live for progress. Maybe I’m a forward-thinking, progressive-minded gal.

Or, maybe it just happens so danged rarely that it stands out in my day. That’s the one!

I have learned a lesson and I’m feeling pretty swell right now, Wally.

I spent the day out with two of my daughters. We did the shopping thing, the bookstore thing, the Taco Bell thing, the library thing, the pose around with the digital camera and make people stare thing. What can I say, life has an edge and we live on it, ba-by.

Basically, we left the house immediately after breakfast and didn’t get back until 2:00. So, when we came back in I had not worked any on the seven graphic art projects awaiting my attention, hadn’t touched any of my 12 websites, hadn’t yet blogged on any of the 10 blogs I tend to, hadn’t made my bed, hadn’t done any of the laundry (and there are 5 of us so there’s always a lot of laundry), hadn’t done the dishes, (*takes a deep breath*), hadn’t cleaned the bathrooms, hadn’t vacuumed, hadn’t even begun to plot and plan supper, and hadn’t gone through any of my e-mail.

A few months ago if I had walked into a house where every step told a unfinished story, I’d have freaked right out. I’ve learned, though, that things have a way of waiting for you. So, the bed wasn’t made? So, breakfast dishes were in the sink? So, none of the chores had been done yet? So, I’ll be up till 1:00 am at the computer?! Big whoop. I had a great day with two of the greatest gals in the world.

All the other stuff is just other stuff.

Make each moment count double,

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  • Sooooooooooo ! That’s why my supper was late !

    Oh, well…better late than never.

    This is me envying you and your day.

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