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Donning my School teacher attire……….

What’s the last thing you learned how to do?

What’s the last fact you learned about World History?

What’s the last new word you learned?

When’s the last time you read poetry, a Shakespearean play, or a Bronte book?

If it’s been awhile since you grabbed a little fresh knowledge for yourself, don’t let the sun go down on today without grabbing some.

Think about it in terms of food. How strong would your body be if you went 24 hours without eating? (If you have low blood sugar like me, you’d probably be catatonic.) What if your body went 48 hours without sustenance? It would be impossible for your body to really function at all, let alone at peak performance.

Our minds are the same way. They have to have challenges to stay sharp. Unfortunately, we’re dulling our minds by allowing life to become too routine and systematic.

How do we shake off the routine and kick our brain cells into gear?

1. Read more.

2. Start taking a different route to your regular destinations.

3. While shopping, mentally keep a running tab of your purchases.

4. Introduce your mind to Shakespeare. He’s high drama, saucey, and even at times dur-ty.

5. Consider taking an Online College Course.

6. Subscribe to one of the Word a Day e-mails.

“He who opens a school door closes a prison.” -Victor Hugo

It doesn’t matter if the school door is a literal one, a virtual one (Online learning) or a symbolic one (self education) – the only thing that matters is that when you’re learning, you’re growing, and when you’re not learning, you aren’t.

In the spirit of higher learning, we recently added three new articles to TMFC:

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Make each moment count double,

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