Keeping Your Cool During the Holidays


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Commercials during this time of year really crack me up. Everybody’s civil and happy sitting around the tables on tv, the kitchens are spotless, the ladies are cooking with their hair just so, make-up stenciled on, jewelry and clothes perfect and pressed. Right!

We all know what the holidays bring – extra work, extra money, disorganization, disrupted schedules and routines, and very often people we just don’t like all that well! It can mean arguing with your significant other about where you’ll spend this meal, or that meal… much time you were here, how much time to spend there, etc.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are beautiful holidays that cause an excitement and happiness that you can feel all around you, but there is also stress involved. Unless of course you really aren’t doing much of the work or entertaining – then this post isn’t something you’d need, you should be calm enough already.

I’ve found that the number one way to cope with all the extra stress and work is to keep your sense of humor. Sometimes you just have to laugh. I got that approach from my dad, and it’s a good one. The holidays are not any time to get irritable or cop a mood. When you do that, you ruin not only your holidays, but those of everyone around you. Decidedly uncool and immature.

When the great-uncle that drives everyone crazy shows up, endure it with humor. Think of all the great material he’s providing you with for future stories! Picture him in a sitcom on tv….wouldn’t you laugh at him then rather than scowl?

If you’re in the unspeakable situation of balancing your family and his/her family, hang in there – you have my sympathy, but it’s alongside my jealousy. I’d give all that I own (materially) to have back the people we once performed the balancing act for. We actually were lucky – my mom loved my mother in law to pieces so she always ushered us out the door to go see her. (I miss that mother in law very much. She was a character and a half!)

If you can AT ALL keep from it, don’t split yourselves up – go together as a couple. If someone has to have a meal earlier than ususal, or even a day before or after -so what? Be flexible, be forgiving, be open minded….and Good grief, don’t forget that sense of humor!

Something else that helps to destress is to just hang out with your pet(s) for a while. They are so therapeutic and so relaxing. I find that no matter what’s going on around me, if I spend time with my cats, I feel instantly better.

Finally, if you feel yourself coming unwound and there isn’t a pet in sight and laughter is out of the question, go off somewhere alone for about 10 minutes. Talk to yourself, do sit-ups, strike a few yoga poses, or just sit and stare at the ceiling….just grab a tiny little vacation and gather yourself back together. Then laugh.

Have a perfectly safe and happy Thanksgiving. Keep an eye on the holiday drivers, some drive almost as bad as me!

Make each holiday moment count double,

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  • The most important thing to do during holidays is to do as little as it is feasiblypossible. Find the recluse to take the family to and sinply enjoy the now. I find it all so amusing that families have a complusion to head off from their somewhat peaceful surrounds into commercially hetic resorts and destinations, where there is no time to slow down or allow the mind and body to become restful. Grumpiness is truly not accepted especially during holiday periods. to all the people who may own the grumpy banner change your life style, change your holiday destinations and begin to enjoy the beauty of the bush,the native animals and those unbelievable lengthy stretches of beaches of the Sapphire Coast. Now it is time to change.

  • Hi, Anne! Very well said.

    The beaches of the Sapphire Coast sound pretty close to Heaven right about now!

    Hope your holidays are incredible,

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