‘kay, Good, Better, Best


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This morning I was working on one of Michael’s blogs – it was me against a div, which was determined to put me under the desk.

I had gotten the blog to a stage where I liked it – except for one small little detail on one of the “sidebars”. I kept telling myself, “It’s okay, stop being so picky.” Then, next time I pulled the blog up I’d notice it again, and again, I’d think: “It’s ‘kay.”

Today I decided to make ‘kay go away. She’s such a dullard plain Jane, why was I tolerating her in the first place?!

I rolled up my sleeves, grabbed my pen and paper and got after it. I use a pen and paper to take notes along the way – dimensions, color codes, etc. Counting blogs and websites, our family has over 30 – so I need all sorts of notes.

I wrestled the div’s dimensions, and after each attempt, I’d write down what I had tried as well as the outcome. My notes this morning ended up looking like this:

150 – okay
140 – better
130 – getting there
120 – good
110 – even better
100 – best!

When I glanced over to the page for the last time, it struck me that this sort of represents an outline we should follow in life. If something about us, or about our life is just okay, don’t we owe it to ourselves to see what we can do to make it better?

Once we’ve achieved better, shouldn’t we keep going until we could conceivably write“best!” beside it? Until we do, we’re settling for less than the best (literally) and we all know we’re better than that!

Make each moment count double. It’s for the “best”,

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