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For as long as I can remember, I’ve done at least one idiot thing each and every day. Extremely accident prone, I’ve wound up in the ER on the other side of the idiocy – like the time a wasp stung me twice on the eyelid because I thought laying in a bed of flowers would be cool. Wasn’t.

Sometimes I escape the ER but have to pay $$$ for the “lesson” – that would be a nod to my speeding tickets and other vehicular incidents, broken appliances….. Oooh, and there was the time I fed a cute little skunk and he paid us back by moving in underneath our house and raising a family. Our cats would go under the house and get sprayed almost daily – and, yes, the smell permeated through the whole house. Every day. All winter.

I got my lunacy out of the way early today, so I think the rest of the day may be safe.

My daughters and I were going to the library. I put on my favorite pink top (lovin’ pink), my Levi’s, did my hair, did the full make-up, smoothed on my new Shania lotion – it smells like Heaven must – and went on my merry sweet-smelling way.

We get to the library parking lot and I wonder why it is that I’m walking so funny. I look down pass the hot top and favorite jeans and there they are, big white fuzzy houseshoes. Gas is high and we were pressed for time, but I wasn’t about to miss out on fondling books. Even in white fuzzy footwear. So, in we went.

The library was really busy today. So my daily misstep and I were playing to a full house. Fortunately, taking a lot of falls in life teaches you how to land on your feet, sometimes without anyone even knowing you “slipped”. I limped around, leaving people to suspect that I had a broken toe or some sort of physical ailment (rather than mental) and COULDN”T wear regular shoes (rather than FORGOT).

I don’t know which is worst, the fact that I did it or the fact that when I told my husband about it on the phone, he wasn’t surprised. Not in the least. It was actually more of a “Oh, I was wondering when you’d do that.” type of reaction.

Well, if the houseshoe fits…

Make each moment count double,
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