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I was writing an article on worry and anxiety last night and it hit me – most of the things I’ve ever worried about never happened. Well, not outside of my mind, anyways!

Isn’t it odd, the press release we write out for our fears are always more gruesome than they really are. Especially when your imagination is as vividly overactive as mine is. I think mine developed to the mammoth proportions it did because I was an only child and both of my parents worked. To make things worse, I had chronic asthma and missed a lot of school. Every year I’d spend several weeks in the hospital in a torturesome place called an oxygen tent, which terrified me and gave birth to clausterphobia. I kept myself preoccupied with my imagination. It took on a life of its own, which most of the time was a joy ride as a kid, but as an adult? Well, let’s just say it’s exhausting! I seldom hear a wheeze out of my asthma anymore, but the hyperactive imagination is still humming right along.

Not only do most of my worries never leave the confines of my mind, the ones that do are nowhere near as bad as I’d built them up to be. Furthermore, most of the time, afterwards, I’m in a better place than before.

Life’s cool, like that. Half the things that go wrong surprise us by turning out all right. So, if you have any worries buzzing around in your mind like moths, remember that the majority of them are going to turn out to be butterflies. Any time spent fretting over them today is time wasted that you won’t be able to get back tomorrow. Instead, cultivate and nurture a postive mental attitude – the one place that worries and anxieties can’t be harvested. I caught on to this long ago and found it to be blissfully true.

If we’re going to paint pictues in our minds, they’d might as well be beautiful.

Make each moment count double,
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