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“Perhaps imagination is just intelligence having fun.”

I know I’m in the minority on this one – heck not even everyone in my own house agrees with me! But I like, no scratch that, I love it when athletes celebrate in the end zone, pump their fists, showboat, watch their homeruns, etc. I heard an announcer griping about a player watching his homerun sail out of the park one time. He kept going on about how it’d make the pitcher feel. I don’t know, but I think if I were the pitcher I’d be more concerned about my choice of pitch than anything else. Besides I don’t for a minute think these athletes are exactly on the same emotional scale as a 4 year old. I’m not thinking that their little bity feelings get hurt that easily. If anything, they get mad, and if they get mad they’ll step it up.

The excitement, passion, fun and energy are the best things about sports. I love to see athletes who get really excited and try to bring more fun and energy into their game. Personally, I really like the end zone antics. Yesterday, the Bengal who was doing CPR on the football made me spew my diet drink. It’s fun. It’s harmless. It’s creative. Move past it.

Athletes are made of flesh and blood. They train hard to be on top of their game. They also have a lot of team pride and excitement – if we, as fans, are jumping up and down in the living room, imagine how excited the players, themselves, have to be. They aren’t robots, why should they act like them, and an even bigger question is, why would anyone WANT them to?

Remember Joe Horn and the phone? Announcers were going after him with everything they had, for a long time they’d even snarl whenever they said his name. I kept thinking, Who in the world did he hurt? He was having fun playing a game.

Know what was, and is, priceless? The reporters and announcers who denounce this sort of thing do so on the basis that it “disrespects” the other players. Yet, they’re the same people shadowing the player’s every move, detailing every aspect of their lives, making accusations, shining spotlights on each and every mistake or error. And they’re making a living off it.

I know we can all agree on one thing, with the things going on around us right now, where each new news story tries to top the previous one – more fun is a good thing. I’m all for shanghaiing smiles and landing laughter whenever the opportunity presents itself! We never know what’ll be waiting for us tomorrow, so we need to enjoy every second of today.

Make each fun moment count double, then create some more!
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