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After the unholy mess that went down during her last SNL gig, I was pretty nervous when I heard Ashlee was returning to the scene of the mime. To be precise, part of me wondered aloud if the girl did crack or if she was a calamity whore.

Apparently the answer is “neither”. She has grit and must be quite a little fighter. She positively sang her butt off and when she celebrated at the end, I felt really proud for her. I’m a sucker for jobs well done and, with 3 daughters, I have a soft spot for all young people.

There’s several lessons to be learned here. First of all, no matter how many shades of a fool you make of yourself – the trick is to get back out there and show that the blunder wasn’t the norm. I can imagine how nervous she must’ve been beforehand – she probably recited her lyrics like a million times. But she overcame her critics and her fear.

Lesson #2 comes from SNL, themselves. It’s a reminder that we should give people a second chance. Mistakes happen, and sometimes they’re danged ugly (the mistakes, not the people). Maybe we should look at it like this – the bigger the mess, the bigger the glory in the clean up.


Make each moment count double,
Ashlee Simpson Unveiled

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