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“If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got.” – Howard Hoffman

OMG, I love that quote! I have it written on an index card and placed on my desk where I see it daily. For more reallllllllly great quotes by Mr. Hoffman, here’s a link that not only has his words but includes his art work as well. The quotes are printed individually on a page along with a pic of his artwork. Makes great refrigerator art when printed out and cut accordingly. Interesting (and gifted) man. Howard Hoffman on Life

IF..never have cared for the word, personally. He’s a neutral fence-rider. He’s unattached, uninspired, and uncommitted. He hasn’t any affiliates/doesn’t want any affiliates/couldn’t get them IF he wanted them. He’s a nonpartisan for crying out loud!!

Sad thing is:

I’m an enabler! The creative, productive corner of my mind will think of a new website or project. Then a brain cell from the enabler camp will pipe up with, “IF you find the time, you mean.” Another adds, “IF it’s okay with so and so and all’s well with such and such.” Then they all cry out their fight song, “IF you can even do it at all!!” By then what I had been so fired up about has been reduced to a smolder.

That’s what the IFs specialize in – putting out fires.

However, in Hoffman’s quote, the uninspired teeny little word is necessary and justified. After all, he’s being a team player and making a very viable point. IF we keep doing like we’d always been doing, we can’t expect any better from life than what it’s serving us right now. Don’t like something in your current serving? Do something about it and start today.

Maybe you like what you’re being served right now. Maybe your health (can’t remember your last cold), physical fitness (ideal weight, muscle mass, totally freakin’ your look), family relationships (perfect kids, perfect spouse, perfect parents, near-perfect in-laws), and bank account (more than you could possibly spend) are all thriving perfectly: with no room for improvement.

IF that’s the case, you should be writing your own blog – I’ve got nothing for you!

For the rest of us (re: all of us), there’s always room for improvement. Even when our family relationships are wonderful, our finances and/or health & physical fitness probably could use some work.

(I, um…er, am speaking personally here on the physical fitness thing. I walked yesterday for about 45 minutes and am hobbling around like an ancient.)

When you see IF, it generally means something isn’t happening. There are restrictions or possible roadblocks ahead. Stipulations.

Beware the word.

I have to painfully shuffle off for lunch now, so this post is nearing it’s end – as I go to pad mine.

I guess it won’t get too padded IF I get a salad.

Make each moment count double,

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