Horrible Times Blowing Through

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Two tornadoes tore through our area yesterday. One did significant damage to my hometown of Madisonville, Ky. The town we currently live in (Owensboro) was spared, but my heart goes all the way out to everyone who was hurt and everyone who lost their homes. This includes more people than you could even think about with dry eyes.

I haven’t been able to locate my mom, as the phone lines are down and travelling to the area was prohibited.

You just never know when something from out of the blue will blow in and turn your world upside down.

All the images on television are heartbreaking – all the rubble and destruction. One house that was destroyed actually had a plastic Santa Claus standing outside, unharmed. Can you even imagine that all your possessions are gone, your house wiped out and all you’re left with is a Santa Claus?

If I don’t post here for a day or two, please forgive me. I just want to find out something about my mother and wrap my head around what happened. You just never think the things you see on the news will ever move into your own hometown.

Make each prayer count double,

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  • Andrea Link

    I’m so sorry to hear of all the loss. I used to live in Madisonville and I cannot even find many details on what all was damaged or destroyed there. If you find out, could you either post on here or email me? I would so appreciate it. I hope that your mom is fine, and that her home is as well.
    Andrea S.

  • Hi, Andrea!
    Thanks a lot – my mom was, thankfully, spared of any harm whatsoever. Even her home was spared.

    My husband’s brother and his wife lost their house and vehicles as well. Thank goodness they’re safe, though. They actually got into a closet, and just as they pulled the door shut, the roof of their house was blown off!

    Crestview Mobile Home Park was hit really hard, as were sections of Grapevine and Earlington. The Pantry toward Anton was destroyed – An amazing thing happened in this Pantry: Right before the tornado hit, a State Trooper ran in, threw himself on top of the woman who was working there and sustained all the injuries himself.

    Apparently he didn’t even know her.

    Thanks so much for the sentiments!


  • Wow, in our country we have almost no tornados(Central Europe), so I can’t even imagine that. Take care!

  • Thanks, RC! It’s really amazing that the tornado didn’t cause more personal harm than it did.

    It was really a bad one, so everyone’s really lucky to have lived through it (even though there were lots of homes destoryed and people injured).

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