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We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise we harden. – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Big props to the inventor of the refresh button.

Scenario: The webpage isn’t giving you what you want, you glide your cursor up to the green arrows , click and presto – the page reloads. It’s as though you’re saying, “Nah, that’s not good enough. What else have you got?” The page then refreshes and tries again….kind of gets off on new footing. You don’t have to settle for the original, you get to try to improve.

Ever used this approach for a crummy day?

Scenario: Your day isn’t shaping up the way you’d hoped, nothing is going your way, and your thisclose to either crying or screaming – or maybe you’re an overachiever and plan to do both! Unless you enjoy making scenes, there’s a simple solution. Refresh your day and, in turn, refresh your mind. Hopefully you don’t have green arrows on your forehead (if you do – that’s ugly, man), but you have the reload function nonetheless.

It’s all about taking a time out. When our girls were smaller, they’d sometimes get in arguments and seem on the verge of poking one another’s eyes out. We’d make them sit in a designated “time out” chair for about 15-20 minutes, giving emotions time to calm down and reason to set in. They “refreshed” themselves and inevitably got out of the chair, went on their happy Barbie-playing way, and never gave the turmoil a second thought.

As adults, it usually takes more than a time out chair and it most certainly takes more than 15-20 minutes. Only you, yourself, can say for sure what works for you. Sometimes a nice long walk outdoors will do it. Other ideas are gardening, cooking, golf, tennis, fishing, reading, writing, or just taking a long drive through the country. I highly recommend 30 minutes in Mayberry too. The black and white Mayberry. The colorized version is just…I don’t know….wrong.

A lot of times it isn’t WHAT you’re doing, but WHO you’re doing it with. Lately, I’ve been busier than you can imagine. I’ve put enough stuff on my own plate to fill up about 4 or 5. I love what I do and love doing it all, guess that’s why I keep piling it on. But you know how, when food’s piled up too high on a plate, it sometimes slides the wrong way – or weighs the plate down on one side causing a spill? Sometimes playing the balancing act with my life’s plate takes me off my nut.

Anyway, a few days ago, I was past the wanting to scream or wanting to cry phase. I was approaching the staring blankly, “get me I’m nearly catatonic”- phase. I threw my walking shoes on and headed out the back door. Luckily for me, one of the brightest rays of sunshine in my life (my youngest daughter, Stephany) grabbed her shoes and joined me. Her wit, encouragement and eternal optimism had me smiling again before we’d even gone half a mile.

By the time we returned home, we had come up with a great new idea for one of our websites. We excitedly got to work on it, laughing and chattering the minute we got back inside. Okay, AFTER we grabbed some iced tea and took our shoes off.

It was as though someone (we call her Steph) had hit the refresh button on my day and made all the ugly go away. Everything that had gone wrong suddenly didn’t matter. Disappointments? What disappointments? If you have someone who has that effect on you, keep them handy! Luckily for me, I have a great husband, three wonderful daughters, and 6 amazing cats.

On the rare occasion that all 10 of my buddies are otherwise engaged – I bake, work in my flower beds, write, read, watch old sitcoms, make doughnuts. The point is, figure out where your “quiet place” is and use it as a retreat.

Don’t think you have time to? Your time won’t be worth diddly squat if you don’t.

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