Happy Independence Day

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Patriotic Courage

Happy Fourth of July to everyone blessed enough to call The U.S.A. home! And to all of the men and women who serve in our forces, thank you for your dedication, your sacrifice, and your courage. By loving your country and wanting to serve your fellow Americans, you’ve thrown away the prospect of living a normal life. None of really stop long enough or often enough to realize that.

You are the stuff!!!

I honestly try to avoid talking much about politics on this particular blog – it just doesn’t seem the place, somehow. But I want to make an exception today and say that I’m 100% proud to live in a country that not only defends and fights for its own independence, but that of other’s as well. I’m very thankful that our country helps those that cannot help themselves, rather than turning its back on them.

To those who have the most, the most is expected from.

Make each moment count double and wave your flags high!

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Patriotic Courage

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