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My family went to the theater last night, we saw “Last Holiday” with Queen Latifah and LL Cool J (Adorable and fun movie – I all the way recommend it. )

Before we even got into the theater, we witnessed somewhat of a cross between a comedy and a tragedy. On the lot next to the theater, a little angry group had gathered with posters of hate and scowls firmly planted on their faces. One cat even had a megaphone. Hopefully their embarassingly small number (less than eight) indicates that our city (Owensboro, Kentucky) has more citizens who possess minds than it does those who lack them. As you probably could guess, it was Brokeback Mountain that had them foaming at the mouth.

This would be me not getting it. Self righteous, self important people are protesting Brokeback Mountain because of what? A few of the characters happen to be gay? Do these morons think that no other movie ever shown at the theater has included homosexuals?? And even if there hadn’t ever been gay men or women portrayed in movies….even if this was the first to ever do so…. So What? So Freakin’ What? I’ve never seen their pitiful little group out there taking a stand against violent movies, against nudity, against movies containing profanity, against movies heavily featuring other crimes…… but you let a couple of harmless gay cowboys come riding along and you get a dude searching the aisles of Wal Mart for a megaphone while his little team of misfits spews ignorance on poster boards.

Even if they had a legitimate beef….which they don’t…..this would be an ignorant way to express it. They just made perfect asses of themselves, that’s all. They made me (and probably countless others) want to see the movie in spite of them.

And a word to the unwise, if you ever want to wave signs in the air, first of all don’t be so bold as to tell everyone what God wants or doesn’t want. He’ll speak for Himself. Furthermore, don’t claim to be about God’s business while one of your signs childishly declares that the theater is owned by “bastards.” Like I said – perfect asses.

If it hadn’t of been so cold and if I didn’t have a personal code against talking to human jackasses, I’d have asked them, “What are you so afraid of?”

Funny isn’t it, the battles people pick to fight? The money they spent on that foolishness could have gone to much better use. The time and energy they’re spending could most definitely be better spent. We’ve got men and women overseas who never know what hell the next minute will bring, people who are homeless and hungry in our own country as well as overseas, and countless diseases claiming lives and robbing happiness.

If these people would stop to think about the things that matter the most they’d feel just like they should. Ashamed. Man, it’s a movie….and they’re helping to make it a very successful one at that. I’m sure the producers would say thank you. If they speak to human jackasses.

Make each moment count double and go see a couple of movies!

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