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The bestselling author of The Vampire Chronicles is taking a leap of faith. She has put the stake down and has picked up the cross. Her new book, Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt is about a 7 year old Jesus. (Click here for an excerpt.)

Let me say right off the bat, I admire her 100%. It shouldn’t be, but standing up for your beliefs takes courage and grit. I fully believe that if she’d said she would now be writing about witches because she had become one, she’d be facing less controversy. Today alone I’ve read columnists who are saying that she’s abandoning her readers, that the story lacks sensuality of her previous works (I don’t know which seems more out of place, sensuality suggested amongst 7 year old Jesus or amongst vampires.), and, get this, one even criticized her for the amount of respect she treated her subject. Too much respect for God’s Son? I nearly forgot to breathe when I read that one.

The author has said that her goal is “ make Jesus real for people who have stopped seeing him as anything other than an icon, and, for non-believers, to bring to life the times that would later spawn a religious revolution.”

What a beautifully ambitious thought. My list of people who I admire and respect just gained a member.

The world is full of people who just can’t grasp what they just can’t grasp, so Ms. Rice will have her critics and naysayers. She’ll probably lose a few fans and may even feel it in her pocketbook. But you can practically hear the Heavenly chior singing.

Given the choice, I’ll fly with the angels everytime.

Make each moment count double,

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  • Rob S Link

    I’ve found that when you fully believe in something, you are capable of great things. Especially when you have Rice’s talent.

    I have always seen Anne Rice as wanting to believe in the existence of Vampires. I have seen interviews where she says that Lestat was herself in a way – and the only way to truly immerse yourself in a world is to believe in it.

    She does a remarkable job of it too which is why I’m sure this book is very good.

    But, in the end, it will be categorized under fiction just like all of her other books. Why? All she’s done is find another bit of folklore in which to believe.

    No, I’m not a ‘Da Vinci’ conspiracy theorist fanatic, just another person staring agape as the masses, again looking so desperately for meaning, run to this book just like they supposedly did the man 2000 years ago.

    Just remember – the only thing keeping religion alive is the masses’ childish and humanly innate need to believe there’s a greater purpose to life.

  • Hi, Rob, thanks for leaving a comment. I agreed with your first paragraph wholeheartedly.

    Believing in something or someone is a beautiful thing, especially when what you’re believing in is WORTH believing in. The God that both Ann Rice and I believe in certainly is.

    I hope with every fiber of my being that you get to know Him one day.

    Take care and remember, even the brightest minds in the world need to be kept open.


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