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Living Well: 21 Days to Transform Your Life, Supercharge Your Health, Andfeel Spectacular

I can’t wait to read Montel Williams’ new book, Living Well: 21 Days to Transform Your Life, Supercharge Your Health, Andfeel Spectacular. I just finished reading an interview Montel Williams did to publicize the book and it sound like some pretty powerful stuff.

Montel Williams was diagnosed with multiple scelrosis in 1999, so he’s more than a little bit familiar with life’s downs. Two years ago, he gave himself a deadline, 21 days, to totally change the way he lived, ate, and drank. Although he never even liked vegetables before, he found a way to fall in love with them. One of the benefits of changing his eating and lifestyle habits was the ability to totally come off of his antideppressants. He hasn’t felt the need for them since he began the program! Now, if eating right and exercising can make someone who’s on antideppressants feel that much better, those of us who don’t suffer from depression will probably have feelings of euphoria similar to winning the lottery or buying a venti mocha latte.

Yes, as a matter of fact, I do think that highly of venti mocha lattes.

Here’s the link – Montel Williams Changes his Ways in 21 Days

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  • sounds great! i will be on the look out for this book. good nutrition is always a life changer. i enjoy personal stories like this.

    open a book and open yourself.


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