Fascinating Discovery Channel DVD About the Sexes!

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Science of the Sexes DVD

Interesting stuff, here!

The Science of the Sexes DVD from the Discovery Channel is about as fascinating as it gets.

From the Website:

This definitive trip around male and female anatomy confirms what our bodies know, but we often forget: men and women are made for each other! Listen, but try not to blush, as intimate portraits and real-life situations are combined with scientific analysis to show that from conception to old age, our bodies grow, adapt, compliment and support each other.

Episode One: Growing UpAn expert debate on the issue of nature versus nurture prompts an intimate look at two teenagers – one boy and one girl – on different continents. Who has the advantage?

Follow Dr. Helen Fisher, an anthropologist and world-renowned expert on gender differences, to Africa to determine if the development of the male and female brain could be linked to our evolutionary past. The latest research on spatial ability between the sexes is revealed, and there’s an unlikely connection: testosterone levels and finger length!

Episode Two: Different by DesignTake a look at sexual progression from adulthood to old age. From sexual attraction to physical stamina, every angle is explored. Watch as identical twins are put to a real-life test of sexual attraction. And, thanks to some computer animation and unique endoscopic filming techniques, you’ll see what goes on inside their bodies when they’re aroused.

Study the mechanics of intercourse using an MRI scanner and get a close-up look at the peaks and valleys of brain activity in the two sexes when processing.

…”A close-up look at the peaks and valleys of brain activity…” I am so there.

If you’ve ever watched a Discovery Channel special, you know just how addictive they are. So much great information, presented in a way that’s as fascinating as any movie Hollywood can produce…even the Bourne movies (also addictive!).

I guarantee, Science of the Sexes DVD won’t let you down.

Make each moment count double,

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  • I am a huge fan of Discovery Channel specials. I’m going to look for this DVD, and watch it as soon as I have time. I’m not a big TV watcher, but I make exceptions for Discovery Channel because I love their stuff.

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