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My daughter and I were talking yesterday about a weird phenomenon that happens between 2:00 and 5:00 every day….she calls it a “lagging feeling” and I call it the “droopsies.” Some people have it worse earlier in the day, some are hit right after supper…but just about everyone hits the wall at some point during the day.

Whether you have trouble waking up in the morning, or you, too, find yourself kind of dragging each afternoon, there are some energizing tricks to help us out. Er, until we can get to the coffee.

  • Stand, or sit, up straight. This increases your oxygen by at least 30% and you feel more energized and alert.
  • Drink some juice that’s loaded with vitamin C. It’s known to boost energy and, get this my fellow pursuers of mental fitness, vitamin C helps produce the brain chemicals necessary for lucid thinking.
  • Here’s one courtesy of accupuncturists: Hold the tops or sides of your ears and pull them gently back. Hold for at least 10 seconds. Eastern medicine considers the ears to be “rivers of energy.”
  • Grab some Green Tea. But for the love of everything decent and right, add lemon and sweetener. Tastes like an elm leaf otherwise. An elm leaf that’s been trodden upon by every foot in the county. Twice. Wearing cheap shoes. Green Tea has compounds (catechins) that activate brain chemicals to give a nudge to your nervous system. But remember the lemon.
  • Move around. Do knee bends, stretches, twists….. move that body and get the blood flowing.
  • Get some fresh air, if at all possible. This one actually works for me better than anything else. (Correction, it works second to coffee.)
  • Spicy food like tacos stimulate the brain and put you on your toes.

There just might be something to the ear one, as strange as it sounds. I was yawning when I started this post, so I thought, “What the heck..” I took my ears lobes for a ride. (I’m sure I looked like I was trying to achieve elf status.) I felt silly and my cat did a double take….but I stopped yawning midway through and now feel awake.

I have to go convince my cat I’m reasonably sane. She thinks I’ve finally lost it.

Have fun this weekend!

Make each moment count double,

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  • Of course, this actually presumes that you will find the motivation and energy to actually do this.

    One thing I find that helps avert this is eating a better balanced meal – lower in carbs than you might typically eat. For me it would typically consist of a ham sandwich and some fruit.

    Eating a plate of pasta or some rice dish, makes me feel droopier. The problem being that carbs cause your insulin levels to spike, which causes you to feel lethargic. This is why you feel sleepy after a big pasta dinner.

  • I’ve certainly noticed a big difference in my energy levels when I eat right. The right kinds of food, and not overdoing them, makes a person feel lighter and, somehow, better.

    I agree about the pasta. After a big Italian meal (which I absolutely love), I just want to crash.

    Chili did that to me last night!

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