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In honor of the upcoming movie-which-I’m-dying-to-see, Memoirs of a Geisha, and rising interest in all things Japanese, I’ve been devouring all sorts of information on this culture lately. Exotic and fascinating people living in an exotic and fascinating world!

My fixation with the Japanese world coincided with Michael’s (husband/co-publisher of TMFC) desire to create a “Download Page” on TMFC. He wanted a page offering free self-help and educational downloads for our visitors. Soooo, I rounded up some informative PDFs and have created a page on the website where they can be downloaded. The first batch is Japanese in nature. Since that’s where my mind is right now, I thought I’d go with that – the thought being that maybe other’s minds will also be lurking in the Japanese neighborhood right about now!

The PDFs teach basic Japanese words, body language and some interesting things about Japanese food that I didn’t even know, and I thought I knew EVERYTHING about cooking! Hmmm, maybe NOW I do!

Here’s a link to the Download page: The Mental Fitness Center – Downloads

Make each moment count double,

P.S. You’ll want to click the link at the first of the post to the official site for Memoirs of a Geisha . It’s breathtaking.

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