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It has been far too long since someone said or did something so utterly jaw-droppingly stupid that I could go all POSTal on them. (In that vein, and ONLY in that vein, I kinda miss ole Kerry)

This Snoop Dogg cat, is really making up for lost time. He has either lost his mind or hadn’t one to begin with. Whichever, he earns Idiot of the day award and gives me kindling for flaming.

(Rolls up sleeves of indignation and prepares to vent.) Snoop Dogg, rapper, actor, fool, is famous for refusing to perform anywhere without being supplied with marijuana – totally his biz, don’t really care what the man does to his own body or to what’s left of his mind. However, in an unexpected twist of brain cells, according to a report on the radio, the man is now promoting marijuana candy for kids. In referring to suckers (um, the kind on sticks as opposed to the kind on drugs), he says that each lick would be like taking a hit. He thinks this is a fine and wonderful thing.

OH MY GOD! I just hope that there are enough people around this man who can reason with him, and if not wake him up, at least shut him up. Would it kill the entertainers in the world to try to set a good example for the people who pay for the lavish life they live? Especially young people!!!

I pray that parents, radio stations, and all people with functioning brains will stop buying ANYTHING this man has to sell. For that matter, before supporting anyone – we’d be wise to ask ourselves, “Where will my money go?” Whenever we spend money, we’re ultimately investing it. We’re supporting other people’s lifestyle, habits, as well as addictions. You could go so far as to say, whatever THEY support, WE support. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

God, I hope so.

Make each moment count double,
The Mental Fitness Center

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