Dream On, Dream On, Dream Until Your Dreams Come True!


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Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh. Yesterday was one of those afternoons where you feel like the world’s a great big strawberry and you have the can of Cool Whip. My beloved Cardinals won in dramatic fashion, with a grand slam in the ninth. One of my favorite pitchers got the win.

Then my favorite Nascar driver, Tony Stewart, won the Allstate 400 at the Brickyard – a childhood dream. (His, not mine.) And he is now in the lead, ahead of Jimmie Johnson – nothing against Johnson, I like him just fine as long as he’s behind #20. I even like Gordon, as long as he’s looking at Stewart’s backside….you know what I mean.

We had great, great pizza for lunch and my spaghetti was danged good at supper. Isn’t it strange how everyone thinks THEIR spaghetti sauce is the best, when it’s obvious that mine is? Geez.

Anyway, my sole purpose here wasn’t just to strut around. I wanted to encourage everyone to think back to a childhood dream. Have you realized it? Winning this particular race took Tony years to accomplish. But, judging by the look on his face it was more than worth the wait. He had to battle other drivers, the maniacal media, and ultimately himself to arrive at this moment. But he did it, as all his fans knew he could – and would.

I know you have it in you to realize your dream too. Don’t you dare quit! Keep after it, you’re closer today than you were yesterday – and tomorrow is “bright ahead”.

Here’s a link to ESPN’s coverage of “Smoke’s” Win – it’s an interesting read, and I love how he went about getting back in touch with himself. My family sort of recently did the same thing. We returned to our Bluegrass roots, so to speak, by returning to Western Kentucky. We found parts of ourselves that had been hiding in the basement, just waiting to see the light of day again. Whoever said, “You can never go back home again” should have gone back home again.

Have a great week, and remember that dream of yours? See what you can do this week to shorten the distance between you and the winner’s stand.

Make each moment count double,

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