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At the top of one of my other self help blogs, Self Help Daily, I have a great quote: “Take the time to come home to yourself every day.” ~Robin Casarjean

I thought it pretty much summed up what I wanted SHD to be about – finding oneself in a world of others and a sea of distractions.

We hear the phrase “Finding yourself” in one form or another several times a week. Often we’ll roll our eyes at the words, and even scoff at the meaning behind the words. But maybe we should neither roll nor scoff. Because if we really think about it – isn’t knowing who we are the key to happiness.

How can we know what we should be doing with our lives if we aren’t sure where our talents lie?

How can we put ourselves on the road to happiness if we aren’t sure what it would take to make us happy?

How do we know what we need to improve upon if we aren’t sure where our weaknesses lie?

We don’t want to one day find ourselves sitting in a recliner of regret. The sooner we discover who we are, what we need, and how we are best equipped to make it all happen – the sooner we’ll make the world come around to our way of thinking.

Unfortunately, we spend far too much time trying to wrap our minds around other people’s needs, wants, idiosyncrancies, thoughts, manners, habits, etc. We’d be much better served if we tried to wrap our mind around our own! After all, knowing THEM won’t take us nearly as far as knowing OURSELVES will.

Keep in mind, though, that truly finding yourself doesn’t arrive completely in an “AHA!” moment. It’s a journey. A discovery. Somewhere along the way, as your strengths/weaknesses and wants/needs come into focus, you may discover that you’re in the wrong line of work. You may discover that your thinking has changed politically. You might just discover that you’re a far more complex and way cooler person than you ever realized.

I’m betting on it!

Make each moment count double,

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