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My daughters and I rounded up all of our “retired” cell phones a few nights ago. My current one decided it no longer liked to ring and Emily was pretty annoyed with her’s as well, so we thought we’d sort through the old ones and see what we could turn up. They practically covered half of our dining room table. Pink, gray, brown, black, blue – we’re nothing if not colorful.

Resident expert, Stephany, gave an off the cuff presentation detailing what each phone was capapble of and incapable of. Some would take pictures, some wouldn’t. Some would store all of the sent and recieved text messages you could ever want, while others would want to purge after 12.

Some allowed you to download “awesome” ring tones and others (the ones on the bottom of Steph’s list) stuck you with “crap.” Knowing how high on my list the IM function is, she gave me a great tutorial on which had the hottest preset images (I’m all about that) and which were the easiest to use for sending IMs, etc.

So there they all were, a little community of cell phones. On the outside, they looked equally capable of the same performance. If it weren’t for Steph’s knowledge, I wouldn’t have known they were so vastly different.

As I’m sure you’ve guessed, I’m headed somewhere other than a tech-y destination with this. Fortunately, since my Tech knowledge wouldn’t get us very far!

We’re all sort of like these cell phones. On the outside, we look like we pretty much have the same capabilities and abilities. As though we, too, will perform the same way as everyone else.

We’d all do well to remember that this is far, far, far from the truth. Just as we each have different thumbprints, we each have different lives, experiences, mental abilities, drives, personalities, and “speeds.” Yet, we often expect everyone to perform on the same level….and, to be honest, the level we want everyone to perform at is usually our own, right? We fool ourselves into believing that if everyone around us thought and acted just like us, our world would be darn near perfect.

Can you imagine if that were the case? I just spent a minute thinking about it and nearly snapped myself out of it with a banshee scream. Oh, the wrecks, the economy, and the lines at Starbucks….

The next time someone gets under your skin, remind yourself that he/she is wired differently from you. They may, actually, be doing the very best they can. Expecting more from them than they’re capable of giving would be like expecting a Go Phone to give you everything an iPhone would. You can yell at the Go Phone, talk about it behind its back, and roll your eyes until you give yourself a headache – but what’s going to be accomplished in the end? The Go Phone will keep on being a Go Phone. The only thing to change will be your own level of stress and aggravation.

Very often, too, when we worry about other people instead of our own business, we lose out big time. After all, if our eyes are on them and their lives, what might we be missing in our own?!

Think about reality shows – it’s when the players get overly concerned with what this person or that person is up to that they’re blindsided. They never saw it coming because they were casting their vision in other directions. On Survivor recently, a seemingly strong contestant became nearly obsessed with another contestant. Their hatred and resentment only resulted in them being sent home before the thorn in thier side was. (That couldn’t have felt good!)

Oops, my cell phone’s ringing. Is that My Chemical Romance?

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