Delicious Way to Lift Your Spirits


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We all know that the taste of a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie can brighten your mood. Heck, just looking at the picture above brings a smile to my countenance – anything with chocolate in the name will do so.

Oddly enough, though, the smell of something like freshly baked chocolate cookies does more to lift our mood than the taste, itself. According to Alan Hirsch, MD (Director of the Smell and Taste Treatmentand Research Foundation), “You can actually derive more pleasure from inhaling a comforting scent than from tasting the food itself.” I know, I know I’m kind of skeptical, too. Which, of course, calls for testing….

Another great aroma for spirit lifting (so to speak) is apple cider. Put some on to simmer and let the scent fill the air. If you really want to get jazzy – and you strike me as the jazzy type – add some cinnamon sticks, cloves, or orange slices to the happy little brew.

Another great mood lifter is music (Nickelback, Jennifer Hudson, 80s rock, and Gwen Stefani lift my spirits but good). The prescription for a happy day? Baking a batch of Chocolate Chip cookies while listening to some soul-stirring, heart-pumping music. If you don’t share my love for baking, grab a package of the “Pre-made” Cookies. Someone else has done all the hard work, you simply pop them onto a cookie sheet and bake for the amount of time the directions tell you to.

Then inhale.

Make each happy moment count double,

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