Creating a Monster

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Batman: “I’m going to destroy you.”

Joker: “You idiot! You MADE me.”

BAD HABITS: Villainous foes. Unrelenting enemies. Bastards of the highest orders!

I overload washing machines. I drive much too fast. I pick scabs. I bungee jump to conclusions. I can’t tell jokes without craking myself up right before the punch line. I drive not well. I drink too much coffee. I am an impulse buyer. I can’t budget money. I don’t balance the check book. I spend too much money, I get lost in daydreams……

I could go on, but I’m getting depressed! Each of the above lovely traits all boil down to one thing – bad habits. That’s all they are. But each “bad habit” has at least on one occasion led to trouble – broken washing machines, speeding tickets, a husband with a bank statement in hand – (why in the heck do banks even mail them out, no good ever comes from them!), etc. The real kicker is that I created each one of these monsters – the way batman “created” the joker by causing him to fall into the acidic gobbley goop that ate his face off. So now, I stand before them, cursing their existence as they tell me, “You IDIOT, you made us.”

Insulting, that.

To defeat the joker and end his reign of nasty, our winged hero had to outwit and outlast him. By contrast, I’m afraid that I’ve become too comfortable with my villains living in Gotham City. I’ve come to expect them around each corner. I make excuses for them, try to rationalize their existence – when I know full well I need to drive them out of town!

I just re-read the list and I do believe I’ll take on a few opponents. The greatest hockey player ever, Wayne Gretsky, once said, “You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.”

That does it! I feel energized now, and I’m going to MAKE myself put in smaller loads of laundry – even if it means more loads…..I will MAKE myself drive more slowly, and might even quit hitting curbs and those concrete, rectangular things put in parking lots. (What in the name of God are they even there for?!)….I’m going to cut back on cof—-oh, Holy Bat-Habits! One villain at a time!

Make each moment count double,
The Mental Fitness Center

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