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Four weeks from tonight, Bay-bee! If I weren’t afraid of bodily harm, I’d do a backwards flip. THAT’S how much Survivor is loved in this house.

Not long ago I was thinking about how much I missed it and it occured to me, I never even watched the first few seasons. I probably just wrote it off as “one of those reality shows” and stuck my nose in the air. Then one year my daughters had it on and my husband and I plopped down to see what the hub bub was. I’m so glad we did! Thursday Night Survivor Parties have been a tradition ever since.

I cook up some sort of snack (my gang especially loves spinach-artichoke dip and tortilla crackers but they’ve never turned down brownies or cookies either), then we all (5 , 6 if the inside cat doesn’t have plans) gather around the tv and we dare the phone to ring. I actually don’t believe it’s ever had the nerve.

Unlike American Idol, where some really fun barbed exchanges have taken place, we usually agree on which Survivor contestants need to stay and which need to go home. Last season, we were all for Steph. As a matter of fact, one of the contestants (Blake) this year looks a lot like her – something in the eyes. Guess she decided to come back and give it another try, and decided to come in the form of a big smilin’ boy. Hope she…he… goes the distance. They’re an early favorite of mine.

>>>>>>Here’s a link to the new Survivors. By clicking on the faces, you can read their “faves” and “bios”.

If you’ve never watched Survivor, invite a lot of fun into your life and start. It is really and truly an awful lot of fun. And who couldn’t use more fun in their life? The sweetest thing about it is that it’s something you can do with your family, and anytime family and fun are in the same room – that’s the room to be in!

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