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I’m going to do something I’ve never done before as a blogger. Gonna cheat. Gonna copy. (I’ll be copying from myself, so I guess I’m not a total miscreant.)

The thing is, life really got cute with me today. Nothing major, just lots of little annoyances that crept around on cloven hooves. They did their Monday song and dance and I’m drained from watching it all.

Sooo, I just posted on another of our blogs – Chinese Wisdom – and, no I’m not Chinese and the other part is entirely questionable. But Kentuckian Wiseass didn’t seem highbrow enough, somehow. The domain is available, however, in case I have any kindred spirits out there. My finder’s fee would be a frappe.

Below is the link to our Chinese Wisdom blog, so you can see what I just posted THERE – let it, if you will, count for my post HERE. ‘Kay? Your rules rock.

Chinese Wisdom.

Make each moment count double (unless it’s possessed),

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