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All of us – every single one of us – has at least one change we need to make in our lives. We know full well what change needs to take place, and we certainly know WHY we want it to come about. The WHY may be more money, better health, better relationships, or better organization. Whatever the details, the change will be one that we know will add happiness and harmony to our lives.

Seems simple enough, right? What person in his or her right mind wouldn’t do whatever needed to be done to bring more happiness into their lives?

Unfortunately, there’s a reason I wrote “Seems simple enough” rather than just “Simple enough.” Change is hard!

Funny, we always look at people around us and ask, “Why won’t ____ just change?” or “Why can’t ______ just give up smoking? He’s not even trying!” Yet, when it comes to ourselves we fully recognize how difficult it is to change habits – many of which are habits of a lifetime. Trying to develop a new, better habit while trying to ditch an old one is like trying to create a new bike path, while ignoring the one that’s already there. It’s so easy to steer back to familiar territory, isn’t it? Keep Reading……

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  • Linda Link

    Hi Joi,

    Along with commitment, I needed to overcome my fear of making a change, especially when it came to large changes in my life.

    A book that inspired me and made the process easier for me is Live What You Love by Bob and Melinda Blanchard. It truly gave me the courage to make the change I was mulling over for so long. Then came the commitment you write about here. Great post!


  • Thanks so much, Linda! Isn’t it amazing how inspirational books can be? The right author can literally shape and mold lives.

    Thanks again, you made my day!
    ~ Joi

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