Coffee or Green Tea? For Brain Health, Go with Both!

Brain Food, Improve Your Memory, Mental Fitness, Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

If, like me, you’re a rock star when it comes to drinking coffee and green tea, go ahead and pat yourself on the back.  We aren’t just doing our taste buds a favor when we drink coffee and we aren’t just doing something healthy for our bodies when we drink green tea.   Both of these drinks are great for brain health.

A study in Neurology that found drinking three cups of coffee a day reduces your risk of mental decline by more than 50 percent.  More than 50 percent.  Amazing!

Green tea is no slouch, itself, when it comes to mental benefits.  Of course, green tea is known for the many health benefits it offers – from cancer prevention and heart health to weight control and weight loss.  However, did you know that green tea is also very, very healthy for your brain?

Green tea contains antioxidants called catechins that play a role in keeping the brain sharp and fresh. These catechins also promote healthy blood flow to the brain.

While there are tons of delicious bottled green teas on the market, you should try to drink freshly brewed green tea as often as possible.

Your body, mind, and soul will thank you for it!

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  • I drink lots of coffee, but recently switched to tea midday.Green tea has tons of health benefits and is a great source of antioxidants.

  • Thanks for sharing this info! There are many studies that show that adding a reasonable amount of coffee to your diet can be beneficial to your health! A big plus for those of us who really enjoy drinking it. Many coffee shops, like Global Peace Factory, offer low-cal options like low-fat milk and sugar-free syrups.

  • Totally agree with you. I’m a green tea lover myself. Love your blog design and content. Will definitely come back for more. Thanks!

  • I prefer to drink tea because it has many benefits than coffee and true that it is a great source of antioxidants.

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