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Breathe Spa

If you’re ready to chill and you’re way past ready to relax – it’s time for you to chill-ax!

Below is a link to a free Relaxation mp3 Download. It’s called Alpha Break and it’s from Effective Learning Systems – if you’ve never heard of them before, you should really check them out. The more you know them, the better you’ll like them.

You might even find that they’re just what you needed in your life. Here’s a little information about the download:

This MP3 download will help you relax mentally and physically in just 10
minutes. Use your Alpha Break MP3 download any time during the day. It’s a
positive alternative to a “coffee break.” While it lasts only 10 minutes, it
will help you relax and lower your brainwave frequency to the alpha state
(7-14 Hertz). At this level of mind you will quickly raise your energy
level, generate new ideas, make decisions, or just renew your positive
attitude. It’s ready to serve you wherever you go. Try it now!

Here’s the link, see what you think. (A rhyme…. yeah, I went there.) – Alpha Break Relaxation Download

Make each chill-ax count double,

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