Burdens Too Heavy to Bear


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What would you say if a guy came up to you on the street and made a proposition (No, no. Not that sort of proposition. You’ve been watching too much cable). His proposal is that he’ll pay you $100 if you let him strap a 200 pound backpack on you. An impossibly heavy, uncomfortable backpack that you must wear every minute of the day. You can’t take it off to eat, you can’t take it off to sleep, you can’t take it off to work, you can’t take it off to play…and you most definitely can’t take it off to wax all kinds of romantic.

Assuming that you didn’t take off running in the other direction the minute the words “I’ll pay you to let me strap a….” came out of his mouth, you’d immediately tell him that this arrangement IN NO WAY works for you. You’d tell him that no amount of money in the world would be worth all of that inconvenience or burdensome discomfort. You’d tell the nut job that strapping such a weight onto your body would take the living out of life, etc… etc…

You’d be absolutely right, of course – life would barely be worth living if it has to be lived with such a heavy burden, right?

Irony then, isn’t it, that we allow heavy backpacks to be strapped onto our backs every day? Free of charge?! The only good part of our ridiculous scenario was the 100 dollar bill.

What are these weights that we freely insist on piling onto our backs?

  • Jealousy
  • Bitterness
  • Worry
  • Grudges
  • Stress
  • Bad Habits
  • Temper

Each of the above are heavier to pack around than any 200 pound backpack ever could hope to be. And we have the weight with us every minute of the day. We can’t take it off to eat, we can’t take it off to sleep, we can’t take it off to work, we can’t take it off to play…and we most definitely can’t take it off to wax all kinds of romantic.

I think we’d all do well to occasionally ask ourselves, as we go about our daily living, if we’ve picked up some extra weight along the way. Weight that doesn’t owe its existence to doughnut holes and hot chocolate, that is. Maybe we should take inventory of just what sort of things we are carrying around with us.

If anything’s weighing us down, it’s gotta go! You know how good it feels when you put something really heavy down? It feels like you just unloaded the weight of the world – all your muscles just relax in unison, celebrating the fact that they’re no longer in burdensome agony!

I realize I’m oversimplifying. Some habits take a lot of effort to ditch. And things like jealousy, temper and grudges don’t just disappear the minute we point our finger towards our psyche’s exit. It takes work and it takes patience. More than anything, it takes determination. If we’re determined enough to make something happen, happen it will.

If we aren’t determined enough…….. if for some reason we’re content to keep carrying extra weight, one day we’ll pay the price. In the end, the burden will win out: We’ll buckle, take a knee and the burden will count us out.

But if we are determined enough…….we’ll be the last one standing.

Make each moment count double,
Self Help Daily

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