Building Blocks and Root Repair

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I was using a quote by Marva Collins to launch a post on Self Help Daily this morning, so I googled her name to learn a little something about her. Especially since I knew zilch.

Okay, so she’s nothing but the stuff.

She’s a southern lady, born in 1936 in Alabama. In her 20’s, she moved to Chicago and founded a school for children who were at risk. After just 1 year, these kids tested at least 5 grades higher. Five grades in one year. That is nothing short of amazing.

I read that she has appeared on 60 Minutes and Good Morning America. I’d rather have read that she’d appeared in a cloning lab and that all the Marvas were being dispersed across the country…one for every shool, two for the larger ones.

Something that will always stick with me, even more than the 5 in 1 accomplishment, is her philosophy. She says that she believes every child is a winner until someone convinces him or her too thoroughly otherwise.

Perfectly true. I’m convinced that if you looked at the battles many adults are facing today, you could trace the roots all the way back to their childhoods, when someone caused them (advertently or inadvertently) to stop believing in themselves. Thank goodness there are people like Marva Collins who can help re-build where the building blocks were knocked over.

I’d still like to clone her, though.

Make each moment count double,

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