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~ I hugged life this morning. ~

Everything is so clean, undisturbed, fresh and beautiful around 6:30 am. The birds set the mood with the most beautiful music in the world and the atmosphere is nothing short of paradise. So, with coffee cup in hand, I ventured out into my version of the Garden of Eden. I watered flowers and tomato plants, picked up a few sticks, a squirrel and I pondered over a particular vine that sprang from nowhere. He wanted it to stay, but I was afraid it’d choke a particularly vulnerable salvia plant. I pulled the vine up and the squirrel went away mad. He came back a few minutes later to watch me wrangle the garden hose. I think I saw him laugh.

During that blissful 30 minutes, nothing existed except me, the flowers and my new little friend. There was no sadness, no worries, and certainly no unfinished work. It occurred to me that (forgive my Hallmark moment) life really and truly is beautiful.

There will always be ugliness, disappointments, turmoil and, sometimes, grief so intense it takes your breath away.

But there is also loveliness, hope, sunrises and love so intense that you forget to breathe.

There’s beauty everywhere if we look for it, it’s there just waiting to be enjoyed. The problem is that we get too busy staring at the unattractive things of the world – trying to get a handle on how to make them attractive. We would all benefit mentally, emotionally and spiritually if we just appreciated the beauty around us more.

~ Life hugged me back. ~

Make every moment count double,

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