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I’m, by nature, an optimistic person. I break out in hives when I’m around pessimism and try to avoid people who are all tangled up in negative vibes.

But only an idiot, or an ostrich, wouldn’t notice all the tragedies taking place lately. By the grace of God I’m neither an idiot or an ostrich.

It seems that not a week goes by without mother nature taking it out on someone. She hit our neck of the woods recently when a tornado and accompanying storm let loose on surrounding counties. Lives were lost, homes were destroyed and dreams were crushed.

I didn’t sit down to post a depressing message, believe it or not. But what I’m driving at had to take this route. I can’t claim to explain all of the natural disasters lately, spiritually or logically. I have no explanations, and furthermore I’m not even seeking any out. The whys and the hows don’t interest me as much as the what ifs.

I think we should all take a couple of hours and sit, think, talk, and plan with our loved ones. Plan out the what ifs.

For example:

  • If a natural disaster occured and your family were separated, where would you try to meet? If that weren’t possible, where would the next choice be?
  • Children of all ages should be drilled on where to go and what to do in case of bad weather. I wouldn’t be as concerned about scaring them as I would be about saving their lives.
  • The elderly and/or disabled members of your family should have clear instructions on what to do as well.
  • Anyone on medications, or who require special diets or needs, should have enough to last them for several weeks at a time.
  • Your pets should have plenty of food on hand.
  • Cartons of spring water would be a good idea to keep around.
  • Canned goods and a manual can opener should be available.
  • We should all try to keep plenty of gas in our vehicles.

If anyone knows of anything I’ve forgotten, please leave comments.

Everything should be in order, because it has gotten to the point that these types of events no longer shock me and that totally scares me.

Make each moment count double,

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