Balancing for Your Brain?

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Balancing for your Brain?

Legions of people go to the gym each day to train and develop their muscles. But with the regular media focusing so much on diet, exercise, and fitness; when do we get to focus on our mental health?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to work the mind and the body at the same time? Well you can by incorporating BOSU Ball exercises into your workout.

Let’s take a brief look at your body to understand how this works. The brain combines with the spine and nerves to control movement for the entire body. This is your nervous system. The brain develops when it has to work as your neural network responds to new stimulus. One way that occurs is from strengthen existing connects as well as making new neural connections. A great way to make new links is to have your body try new things or old things in new ways.

If you are right handed, try picking up a ball and throwing it with your left hand. It probably felt weird and the ball didn’t end up anywhere near your target. Do it again. Notice how the movement feels strange and awkward. Now do it five more times. By the fifth time the motion should feel a little less strange. That is because your brain is learning and neural connections are being made to help with your coordination.

One of the easiest and fastest ways to train your brain is by doing balance exercises.

Using a Bosu Ball when doing normal exercises can help trigger neural growth. A BOSU ball means ‘both sides utilized’. This training tool is a rubber half ball that you use to add balance training to your workout.

Take a simple exercise like the pushup. While using a BOSU ball for the exercise under your hands, your body has to adapt to balancing and coordinating itself as well as pushing yourself up. This will lead to increased brain development as the body has to learn new muscle coordination and adapt to what you are making it do.

Balance exercises should be included as part of a normal training routine. It is a great way to train you body, as well as your mind, that will lead to better physical and mental health.


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