An Hour a Day Keeps Mediocrity at Bay


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I’m still reeling from last night’s American Idol (Outrage!!!), but I’ll try to post a post worth reading anyway. It’s just hard to focus when you’re in a tither. (Ever been in a tither? It’s exhasting.) Bo should’ve won, man. He gave life and energy (and a pleasantry known as talent) to a show that often comes up short on all three.

Usually my tithers are scheduled around UK Basketball, Bronco’s Football or Cardinal’s Baseball – I space them out, seasonally. But since I started watching a few reality shows, I’ve found that the opportunities for slinging pillows at the tv screen and stomping off to the shower have increased. American Idol launched five pillows this season – one for each: Nikko, Anwar, Constantine, Vonzell and (crys in pain) Bo. Each of these future stars left with lesser talents remaining.

Survivor wasn’t as bad – only two pillows. I was in Steph and Ian’s corners. I liked Tom (the winner) though so I don’t have a hate-on for this particular show. AI’s a different story, though. I’m hating on them with a cruel, exhaustive and unchristian hatred. Simon had his fave picked out from day one. The girl has a pretty good voice, but absolutely no audience interaction or charisma. My houseshoes have more sex appeal and life than her. Maybe it’s something that others can help her with. She seems like a sweetie, and I wish her nothing but the best. She just wasn’t the best. Lucky for her, she apparently fits the bill for what they need in an idol. With past winners fighting them over contracts, etc….I think they wanted someone who couldn’t even spell attorney.

At any rate, Bo brought back Southern Rock and I don’t think for one moment I have to worry about him. That cat’s gonna be fine! He does what he does like no one else does what he does.

The segue was pathetic, but that brings me to the post. (Can you believe “segue” chooses to spell it’s name like this rather than “segway”? Must be European)

“There’s only an hour a day between a good housewife and a great one.” – Ancient Proverb

The word housewife can be replaced with any title and the message is the same. Whether you insert salesman, wife, painter, student, writer, husband, journalist, whatever.

One hour can make all the difference, taking us from Level A: Good to Level B: Great. If a writer spent 60 extra minutes a day on his craft, the improvements would spill out of his pen. If a college student devoted 60 more minutes to studying each day, she’d cement her name on the honor roll.

It isn’t that difficult to work an extra hour of effort into your day. Sometimes, however, it is necessary to split the time up 30 mins at a time, or even 15 mins. The only thing that matters is you’re asking more of yourself. An amazing thing happens when we ask more of ourselves – we rise to the occasion and grow. In the same way, when we “get comfortable” with ourselves, we sit and stunt our growth.

Once you make up your mind to improve yourself and commit the extra time to doing so, you’ll begin seeing rewards immediately.

“Whatever you are, be a good one.” – Abraham Lincoln

Make each moment count double,

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