A Very Unique Approach to Relaxation


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Lavender Aromatherapy Plush Robe I was on the Discovery Channel website doing research for a post on another blog when I came across something I just had to share with my ultra cool readers here.

This Heavenly product is the Lavender Aromatherapy Plush Robe , and it sounds like a beautiful thing!

The website gives the following Product Detail:

Get cozy in this ultra-soft robe as you surround yourself with a calming lavender scent. Tucked into the collar is a sachet of lavender – long renowned for its relaxing, restorative properties. (The website also features an equally effective Spa Lavender Blanket.)


  • Styled after robes used in spas.
  • Generously cut for comfort and has large patch pockets.
  • Machine-washable microfiber.
  • Lavender sachet is removable for washing.

However, I think the highest praise came courtesy of the “User Comments” at the bottom of the page. Let’s put it this way, it got rave reviews!

If you’re serious about relaxation – and we all should be – jump over and take a closer look at this Aromatherapy Robe , . The website features other relaxation products, as well…if a lavender robe isn’t something you can picture yourself inside of!

Make each relaxing moment count!

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