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Global Warming

Below are a couple of articles that’ll occupy your brain cells between the Sunday paper and tonight’s “Amazing Race: All Stars!” Love that show – not only is it exciting, it actually makes geography interesting. Seriously, if you’ve never watched it with your family, I highly recommend it – it’s a great time PLUS you’ll learn more about the world around you. I promise.

Here are more opportunities to learn (I know I need all I can get!):

The Benefits of Taking a College Course Online

How Massage Alleviates Depression and Anxiety

What You Need to Know About Global Warming!

Live For the Journey, Not the Destination

Six Keys to Help You Learn Spanish Online

Remember, a day spent without learning something is a day wasted. If you only have time for one of the articles today – I’d recommend the Global Warming article(s) on Discovery.com (What You Need to Know About Global Warming). The information is somewhat unsettling and completely fascinating.

Make each brain cell work double,

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